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This photograph of myself was taken by activist Gene Keyes, at the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the Committee for Non-Violent Action,held in Voluntown, Connecticut, June 11-13, 2010.

For other photos of persons present at the reunion, several of whom are very famous in the anti-war movements of the 60's and since, go to CNVA

Bulletin Board!!

For the 50th Anniversary of the historic Draft Card Burning Demonstration in Union Square, NYC, November 6,1965, in which I was a participant!:

(1)Union Square Nov 6 1996

(2)Interview An interview by students from Belmont High School

(3)New York LeftAn account of the anti-war movement in New York City 1965-67

(4)TranscriptTranscript of the sentence July 18, 1967 (pdf version) docx version

November 18th, 2015
Centenary Celebration!!
the Einstein/Grossman Theory of General Relativity

The origins of Ferment Magazine date back to my coverage of the
Einstein Centennial Symposium, at the
Institute for Advanced Study, March 14-18, 1979.
My report was published in Les Temps Modernes in December.
One can read the English version here at
The Einstein Centennial Symposium

Here is a list of the links on Ferment Magazine that address various aspects of GR:

(1) On Spontaneous Changes in the Speed of Light

(2)Observations on the Hubble Expansion

(3) The Road to Reality,by Roger Penrose

(4) Barrier Theory

(5) Gravity and the Pre-Socratics

(6) Algebraic Causation

(7) Relative Motion on projective 2-manifolds

(8)Emilee de Chatelet

(9)6 Variations on the Theme of Space-Time

Appendix to Life and Life Energy, October 11th, 2015: The Rebirth Mechanism, a summing up

On Effectively Infinite Sets(doc)

Coping with conceptions of infinity in modern mathematics,
in the models of modern physics

Tales of Greater Cambridge
A compilation in progress

December 2014

:The Girls at the Waldorf: Harvard Square in the early 60's


The Delusion of Juan Rodriguez:Somerville, May 1980

Juan Rodriguez(docx)

I do appreciate it when someone notifies me to report a broken link. I welcome all forms of sane communication.
For the background to the on-going debate about the right to call myself Dr. Roy Lisker, go to

Council of Autonomous Scholarly Support

I am sometimes at a loss to decide the field in which my degree has been earned. I might as well call myself a Doctor of Philosophy. given that very few philosophy departments (as understood in the ancient world)in contemporary American colleges or universities, are worthy of the name.

Yes; and that applies to most English departments as well (Beginning of a long discussion that I won’t go into.)

As for math departments: sure they do good work, but who can stand to be in them?

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Jacob Smullyan,
Benjamin, Jeremy and Gabriel Smullyan,
Anne-Marie Hantho,
Quincey the formidable pooch,
and others.

(These names overlap but are not co-extensive
with the life forms in the picture.)

Financial Statement 1955-2005

Mathematics Consultant for the Arts and Humanities

This photograph of me was taken in the winter of 2000. As president of the Middletown North End Action Team. I was doing my part in cleaning up the grounds of what has since become the neighborhood's pride and joy:

The North End Community Garden.

A report on the 8-year struggle of the North End Action Team to obtain decent living conditions for the residents of Middletown's North End, may now be read at

History of the North End Housing Initiative

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