<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Roy Lisker's Ferment Magazine</TITLE> </HEAD> <STYLE type="text/css"> <!-- .box {width: 600; text-align: justify; margin-left: 40} .emph {font-family=Arial, Espy Sans, Helvetica, SansSerif; font-size: large; color: black; font-style: bold} A:link {font-family=Arial, Espy Sans, Helvetica, SansSerif; color: darkblue; text-decoration : none; font-style: normal} A:active{text-decoration : none; background : transparent;} A:visited { background : transparent; text-decoration : none; } A:hover{ color: yellow; background:maroon;} --> </STYLE> <BODY BGCOLOR="blanchedalmond" LINK="darkblue" VLINK="darkblue"> <DIV class=box><P CLASS=emph> <H1 ALIGN="CENTER" style ="color:maroon">Ferment Magazine</H1> <H2 align ="center" style ="color:purple">Editor: Roy Lisker,PhD<P> <img src="berkeley003.jpg"></h2> <H2 align ="center" style="color:red">Welcome to the<br> Ferment Magazine Home Page</H2> <h3 align="center" style ="color:purple">Address and E-Mail</h3><h4 align="center" style ="color:maroon">Roy Lisker<br>8 Liberty Street#306<br>Middletown, CT 06457<br><A href="mailto:rlisker@yahoo.com">rlisker@yahoo.com</A><br> <A href "mailto:rlisker@gmail.com >rlisker@gmail.com</A></h4><h3> <h1 align="center"><A href="folders.html">Folders</A><P> <hr> </h1> <h4>This photograph of myself was taken by activist Gene Keyes, at the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the Committee for Non-Violent Action,held in Voluntown, Connecticut, June 11-13, 2010.</h4><h4 align="center"><img src="voluntown.jpg"><P>For other photos of persons present at the reunion, several of whom are very famous in the anti-war movements of the 60's and since, go to <A href="http://www.genekeyes.com/CNVA/CNVA-Reunion-2010-p.2.html">CNVA</A><hr></h4> <h1 align ="center" style ="color:purple"> Bulletin Board!!</h1><h3 align ="center" style = "color:maroon"> (January 4th, 2016) "In Memoriam Einstein" has been published by the <A href=http://www.saggingmeniscus.com/catalog/in-memoriam-einstein> Sagging Meniscus Press</A>. <P></h3><h3 align= "center" style = "color:green"> The Quest for Alexandre Grothendieck has been published by Thombooks, together with my translation of the Introduction and Promenade chapters of "Recoltes et Semailles".Here is the Amazon link:</h3><h3 align = "center"> <A href="http://www.amazon.com/Alexandre-Grothendieck-Translation-Introduction-Grothendiecks/dp/0993926916/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1451936676&sr=1-1&keywords=roy+lisker">Quest for Grothendieck</A><hr></h3> <hr><h4> I do appreciate it when someone notifies me to report a broken link. I welcome all forms of sane communication. <hr> For the background to the on-going debate about the right to call myself <I>Dr.</I> Roy Lisker, go to</h4><h4 align="center"> <A href="cass.html">Council of Autonomous Scholarly Support</A></h4><h4>I am sometimes at a loss to decide the field in which my degree has been earned. I might as well call myself a Doctor of Philosophy, given that very few philosophy departments (as understood in the classical world)in contemporary American colleges or universities are worthy of the name.<P>Yes; and that applies to most English departments as well (Beginning of a long discussion that I won't go into.)<P> As for math departments: Indeed, good work is done there, but who can stand to be in them?<hr> </h4> <h2 align ="center"><A href="citations.html">Endorsements and Cavils</A></h1><h4><hr></h4> </h5> <h4 align ="center" style="color:red">This website is made possible through the<br> active support and encouragement of<br> <img src="montclair.jpg"><br> <A href="http://www.smullyan.org">Jacob Smullyan, <br>Benjamin, Jeremy and Gabriel Smullyan,<br>Anne-Marie Hantho,<br>Quincey the formidable pooch,<br>and others.</A><br>(These names overlap but are not co-extensive<br> with the life forms in the picture.) <hr></h4><h3 align="center"><A href="earnings.html">Financial Statement 1955-2005</A><hr></h3> <h4 style ="color:green">This photograph of me was taken in the winter of 2000. As president of the <I>Middletown North End Action Team</I>. I was doing my part in cleaning up the grounds of what has since become the neighborhood's pride and joy:</h4><h3 align ="center"><A href="http://www.neatmiddletown.org">The North End Community Garden.</A></H3><h4 align ="center" style ="color:green"> <img src ="garden.jpg" align ="absmiddle"><P> A report on the 8-year struggle of the North End Action Team to obtain decent living conditions for the residents of Middletown's North End, may now be read at</h4><h3 align ="center" style ="color:maroon"><A href="NEAT/nehi1.html">History of the North End Housing Initiative</A></h3> <h2 align="center"><A href="newsletter.html">Ferment Newsletter</A><hr></h2><h3 align ="center" style="color:green"> Browse the<br><A href="catalogue.html">Ferment Press Catalogue</A><hr></h3> </UL> </H4> <H3 align="center"><A href="home2.html">Editorials</A><br> <A href="home3.html">Travelogue/Biography</A><br> <A href="home4.html">Ferment Press</A><br> <A href ="home5.html">Alexandre Grothendieck Page</A><br> <A href="home6.html">Links</A> <HR> </h3><H3 style ="color:indianred;text-align:center;font-style:italic">Go To<br><A href ="home2.html">Editorials</A></H3><HR> <script type="text/javascript"> var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? 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