Love and Cosmology
World Mythologies and the Zodiac of Romantic Love

Insights into the Psychology of Art
Psychology of Art(pdf)

Observations on Poetry: Interpretation of a poem by W B Yeats
Adam's Curse(pdf)

"The Music Lesson":Chapter 8 of Hysteria and Enlightenment"
Music Lesson(pdf)

A Treatise on Associative Harmony
Associative Harmony(pdf)

On The Involution of Form and Content in Music and Art
Form and Content

Music and the Poetry of John Milton
Milton and Music

Is Language a Language Language: Introduction to the Hermeneutic Axiomatics of Noam Chomsky and Heinrich Schenker
Chomsky-Schenker 1(pdf)
Chomsky-Schenker 2(pdf)

Syphilization and its Discontents
A study in the De-kunst-ruction of Art History

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