Endorsements and Cavils

"... Many thanks for your many writings ; readings are to be looked forward to, but time, ah time! How does one make it? Where does one find it? With good wishes, Christopher Ricks" Christopher Ricks, justly famous literary scholar/critique (sic!)

"...It is my deepest conviction that few human creations can approach the quality and power of those produced by the true "independent" thinker.Your publication is a shining example of such"...Bob McGrail, professor of mathematics, Bard College

"......eccentric writer/mathematician Roy Lisker" - Wikipedia

"Roy Lisker, an eccentric individual...describes the 1980 appearance of J.L. Borges at MIT" Orbus Quintus, an On-Line blogsite

"Dear Orbus Quintus: The blog ...12/12/2004 'Borges vs. Academia' characterizes me as eccentric." My response

"Naturally, the designation 'eccentric' was not intended as an insult."Reply from Orbus Quintus

"I can find no reasonable purpose in extending any 'official ban' that may have existed many years ago with respect to your coming onto the Bard campus." - Leon Botstein, president Bard College

"I think the one thing your life-to-date does not predict is that you would have the patience to do research that is subjected to the grueling criticism by a panel of overseers..." My father, 1995 (deceased March 2006)

"The fact that Roy Lisker talks about a Renault deux chevaux supposedly driven by Grothendieck does not inspire much confidence in the accuracy of the story." The n-Category Café

"Keep tabs on Roy Lisker's Ferment Magazine!" Jacob Smullyan, concert pianist, Krinst scholar

"I have been reading [ Ferment] all these years, always enormously impressed with Mr. Lisker's intellectual power and his writing ability" Howard Zinn,1996

"I do agree that our priorities are different, but fail to see the merit in yours." Noam Chomsky, 1984

"Thanks for the cool message!" Mark Lindley, musicologist, Gandhi biographer

"Bonjour Roy: C'est super ce que tu as mis sur ton site. On peut dire que tu profites a fond de tes voyages, c'est trés documenté et les anecdotes ne manquent pas!" - Claude Luzet, Centre Emile Borel at the Institut Henri Poincaré

"....the endlessly prolific pen of Mr. Lisker." Stanley Feldt , Artistic Director, Kresge Endowment for the Arts and Humanities

"Bravo! I could spend hours reading it ! Make it into a book ! I hate reading On Line!" Penelope , owner of The Red Wheelbarrow bookstore in Paris

"Keep writing!" Gerry Weissmann, author of "Woods Hole Cantata"

" I can almost hear Thom uttering those words in his heavily accented English!" Peter Tsatsanis, mathematics teacher in Toronto, commenting on my translation of René Thom's "Prédire n'est pas Expliquer"

"...... poet Roy Lisker, whose work I have collected for many years." Jack Foley , driving force of poetry in the SF Bay area

"Roy Lisker was back again, to read a long, rambling, incomprehensible narrative poem" Dan Wilcox, blog critic

"I have known Roy for eighteen years and have a tremendous respect for his scholarship and writing." Kenn Thomas, editor of Steamshovel Press

"Let's not forget Roy Lisker's fat polyester ties and his endless sawing of Vivaldi to bits, sometimes with orchestral accompaniment, sometimes to jazzy-sounding word repetitions. Yeah, that Roy..."UC Berkeley Yearbook, 1986

"The always interesting Roy Lisker" Richard Kamins, former cultural editor of the Hartford Courant

"I have a good friend who washed up here in Middletown, CT a decade or so ago." John Basinger, celebrated Milton interpreter

"Perhaps the space is good - I feel sure that the living flesh would end up disappointing? Some things can last forever... pehaps. My warmest wishes always -" Emma Thompson

"The editor was in awe of the article you edited." Tindy Agaba, adopted son of Emma Thompson and Greg Wyse.

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