Reflections and Speculations

  1. January 2,2012:Background and Review of the Debut Concert of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra,Conductor Ben Zander,November 25th, Symphony Hall, Boston

    BPYO Debut Concert (docx)

  2. An essay on reading poetry, with an analysis of a famous poem by William Butler Yeats:Adam's Curse

    WB Yeats(docx)

  3. Report on a conversation

    Claude Lanzmann and Paul Holdengräber
    at the New York Public Library March 21, 2012 at 7:30 PM

  4. January 17,2012 A Rapture of Trees

  5. October 28,2010: Autumn Leaves


  1. 3 Collision Theorems:Descartes/Huyghens from an advanced standpoint

  2. Newton from an advanced standpoint

  3. Generalizing Set Theory:
    Russell's Paradox and the Isostructure Theorem

  4. By David Clark, Mathematics, SUNY-New Paltz:
    The Consecutive Integer Game

  5. Book Review: "The Road to Reality", Roger Penrose

Life and Life Energy
Identity, Emotion and the Unconscious
Life and Life Energy (Abridged)

Abridgment (docx)
Abridgment (pdf)

December 11,2015. My intention in publishing an abridged version of 6 of the chapters of "Life and Life Energy" (available from my website at , is to make available to scientific, and other intellectual communities, the research I’ve done, beginning in the summer of 1959 as an outsider at Harvard, of ways to open communication and establish links between the great achievements of the scientific tradition, based on the power of the intellect, of the West, with its origins in the Enlightenment of the Socratic century (5th century BCE) , and the great achievements of the Oriental traditions, based on mindfulness, with their origins in the Enlightenment of Gautama Buddha in the same period.
In this book, the hypothesis of a living energy is related to the cycles of material or physical energy (Inertia, Mechanics, Thermal), to highlight (perhaps only by analogy, but also in some deeper scientific sense), the contrasts between mental health and disease. One does not have to subscribe to this notion to appreciate the many insights scattered throughout the book and this abridgement. One way or another, they provide (so I maintain) a starting-point for the reunion of the sciences of medicine, physics, psychology and philosophy of East and West.

October 6,2012:Chapters 1,2,3 of Life and Life-Energy have been extensively revised, edited and updated.These files may be opened in .htm,.doc,.docx and.pdf formats:

Chapter 1:Introduction

Chapter 1(htm)

Chapter 2:The Unconscious and Mental Illness

Chapter 2(htm)

Chapter 3:Energy: Determinism versus Freedom

Chapter 3(htm)

Chapter 4 (revised January 26, 2013):Energy Cycles and Emotional States

Chapter 4(htm)

A revised chapter 5 was uploaded on February 5,2013:Local and Global Linkages of Emotional Interaction

Chapter 5 (docx)

A new chapter 6 was uploaded on February 22,2013:Psychology of Aesthetic Appreciation

Chapter 6 (docx)

Chapter 7 (March 25,2013):The Phases of Transformation of Being

Chapter 7 (docx)

NEW!!October 15,2012

2 plays by Sophocles:
Oedipus Tyrannus and Antigone

Along with analyses of the scripts of each play, the author develops his own interpretations of the psychological metaphors contained in them .These interpretations are very different from Freud's, which he frankly considers absurd.

Noam Chomsky File

  1. Comparative Critique of the Theories of Noam Chomsky and Heinrich Schenker:Is Language a Language Language? Part 1(pdf); Part 2(pdf)

  2. Noam Chomsky and Robert McNamara on JFK's Last Thought(pdf)

Science, continued

  1. Quantum astronomy and the Big Bang (html);(pdf)

  2. The Paradoxes of Zeno, as seen by Peter Lynds.

  3. Knot Theory in the Hydrodynamics of Bus Boarding(html);(pdf)

  4. Two Trains and a Fly (pdf)

  5. Barrier Theory(pdf)

  6. Topological Paradoxes of Time Measurement

  7. On Counter-Intuitive Science ( MS document )

    Table (MS document)

  8. Thoughts on Gravitation

  9. Bertrand Russell: review of Ray Monk's biography

Arts and Humanities

  1. Set Theory and Form
    Formalism and Form in the Arts (Updated December 21, 2007)

  2. Associative Harmony
    Combinatorial techniques in musical composition

  3. A dramaturgical vision of Ibsen's greatest play
    Little Eyolf

  4. A discussion and analysis of The Seagull by Anton Chekhov. Go to: The Seagull(html)
    The Seagull(doc)
    The Seagull(pdf)

  5. Report on the Beat Generation Poetry Festival:"River City Reunion"University of Kansas; Lawrence,Kansas; September 13th,1987
    (PDF Version)

  6. Girl With A Pearl Earring; The Passion of Artemisia; The Seven Ages (html); (pdf); (doc)Reviews of 3 Feminist Historical Novels:

  7. John Milton and Music

  8. Johann Sebastian Bach and the Integration of European Classical Music

  9. Handelian Opera in 18th century England

  10. The Corpse In The Bedroom Topics In Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

  11. The John Nash phenomenon; Two Reviews:

    (i) "A Beautiful Behind" , review of the biography of John Forbes Nash, by Sylvia Nasar

    (ii) "Crazy Man Crazy!" , the film based on this biography, Ron Howard, Avika Goldman, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly


  1. Campaigning for Ronald Reagan, October 1984

  2. America's March To Tyranny:#1 Of A Series
    Shock and Awe:War Crimes as Policy(html);(pdf)

  3. March to Tyranny#2
    The Gilded Age of Biodefense (html);(pdf)

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