Ferment Press

Short and Experimental Narratives

  1. Tales of Frustrated Musicians

    These five stories, some satiric, others surreal, locate the power of music in the dislocations of the human condition. The story "Sam the Messiah Man" is in this collection

    ..... 80 pgs......$10.00
  2. Four Nature Myths

  3. Pantheistic legends inspired by the traditions of world mythology. One of these legends may be read at Viswakarman

    80 pages .....$10.00

  4. Persephone

  5. A modern re-creation and lyric evocation of the Persephone legend

    20 pages..........$5.00
  6. The Quest for the Absolute

  7. Three stories of Americans in France during the 60's. One of these stories may be read as the final section of an issue of Ferment: Despair

    80 pages.....$10.00
  8. Urban Tendrils

  9. A. Logan Airport

    A non-linear flight of the imagination through various cities of the world, beginning from and returning to Boston's Logan Airport

    B. The Drugstore

    A drugstore in downtown Philadelphia, a moment frozen in time. The technique is cubist, the story minimal. A world of powerful tensions is evoked , although nothing happens.

    80 pgs........$10.00
  10. The Governments of Chelm

  11. In the mythology of the Ashkenazi Jews Chelm, Poland is the village of fools. This story chronicles the inevitable collapse of all attempts made by its wise elderly rabbis to establish a just and/or stable government.

    80 pgs......$10.00
  12. 4 Cynical Christmas Stories

  13. Carols, charity and commerce. In the hallowed 'bah-humbug' tradition.

    40 pages..........$8.00
  14. Transience

  15. A penniless author and drug-addicted art student in Paris in the 60's. They meet only briefly, yet continue to interact indirectly right up to the inexorable tragic ending

    40 pages..........$8.00
  16. Cats and Crazy Razors

  17. As gruesome as it sounds, written in an innovative highly lyrical style

    20 pages..........$5.00
  18. Mutilated Monologues

  19. (1) Cats and Crazy Razors ; (2) Amplitude of the Cosmos; (3) Three Weddings, which can be read here.

    60 pages..........$8.00
  20. Sea Urchins

  21. Excessive ambition and a swollen ego lead to catastrophe for a post-graduate researcher at the Marine Biological Laboratories at Woods Hole, Massachussetts.

    40 pages..........$8.00

    Here is an article on Woods Hole

  22. Barbarians in the Salon

    One will find plenty of agony and ecstasy in these accounts of 3 minor art movements of the 20th Century. One of them is known as "Alienism"

    60 pages..........$8.00
  23. Vagabond Violin

  24. Life on the road with back-pack and fiddle. Click here to find out what happened in Monaco in 1985

    60 pages..........$8.00

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