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A message from Shakspeare and Company, Paris, France

On returning from New York on March 26,2012,I found this postcard and photograph waiting for me in my mailbox:

Funeral Procession for George Whitman

The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

Message from Sylvia Whitman

The card is from Sylvia Whitman, daughter of George Whitman, founder and manager of the Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris since the late 40's. George died a few months ago. Her message reads:

   "Dear Roy, Thank you for the kind card. It means so much for us to receive so many kind words of love and support. George's spirit lives in the bookshop and we are continuing his work.
   I enclose an image from his funeral which was very beautiful.
    love Sylvia and all from Shakespeare and Company"

    The photograph shows the funeral procession in a cemetery identifiable as the Pere Lachaise, where, among many others , Oscar Wilde, Isadora Duncan, and  Abelard are buried, a kind of Parisian version of Westminster Abbey

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