Illustrated Travelogue/Biography

March 26, 2012:A message from Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France

George Whitman's Funeral

A Hype/Debunk Biography of Roy Lisker

A Life in Pictures:
Ages 2 to 70

Photographs of the Author

Down and Out With A Violin:
Street Music 1968-1990


  1. Ireland, July 23-31
  2. London,August 1-15
  3. Perpignan and the Cote Vermeil, August 23-31

100 days in Ireland, England and France
July20-October 30, 2009
  • Roaming California, 1983-87
    Five years of travels about the American Southwest
    with violin, poetry, mathematics and Ferment
  • Scotland , August 25-September 8, 2006
  • Ainay-le Chateau,France(Summer 1968)
  • Hungary (July, 1999)
  • France, March-April 2005
  • Paris in Autumn
    September 8,2007-January 8,2008

  • Paris, May 20-July1, 2013

    Boston, London, Paris
    May 20(docx)

    The Rite of Spring Riot Centenary
    Paris, May 29 (docx)

    The Marché de la Poésie, Place Saint-Sulpice
    Paris, June 6-9(docx)

    European June -August 2014
    Travels in Ireland, England, Belgium and France

    I. Ireland June 1-10


    A radio interview on the local station WESU-FM in which I talk about the visit to Ireland, can be listened to at: River Valley Rhythms October 3

    II.England June 10-15


    Recent Photographs

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