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Ferment Press: Mathematics

Mathematics publications are of 3 kinds:

  1. Commercial

  2. Nominally priced to conver the costs of publication and mailing


Problem Books

These books hold from 15 to 20 problems, devised by the author, at the level of graduate or advanced undergraduate students in mathematics. Two concerns motivate their creation and publication:

(a) The desire to fill a gap in current educational practice and materials, which tend to be geared either to a generic student body (Basic undergraduate curriculum) or to narrowly concentrated specialization ( Graduate studies).This dichotomy is part and parcel of the world of modern science. One finds its reflection in the character and aims of the two large mathematics associations the American Mathematical Society, and the Mathematics Association of America. Yet this author, whose work covers several domains of both science and art, has often observed that the middle ground is both the most important and at the same time the most neglected area of activity. Much of what he does is undertaken for the purpose of rectifying this situation.(b) The second motivation is the keen delight he takes in inventing and solving problems within the constraints imposed by the audience to whom they are addressed.

As of April, 2003, 4 problem books have been developed. The price of each book is $15.

  1. Brahmagupta I

  2. Brahmagupta II .

  3. Hipparchus I

  4. Vive La Differénce! I

Circular Tangrams


Papers with Nominal Prices

Non-Linear Algebra and Dynamical Systems, 1995

This paper comprises 114 pages in 3 parts. We define a finite groupoid as a collection of n elements with an arbitrary binary composition multiplication. Let z =f(x,y) be a function of two variables and A= a1, a2, ...an a finite list of real numbers. If for all x,y in A z is also in A, then the collection such of points (x,y,f(x,y)) in 3-space can be interpreted as the generalization of the fixed point in a 1-dimensional rational map.

In these papers a complete description of all 2-element and 3-element such "fixed point" groupoids on quadric surfaces is given. $10

Weakly Infinite Cardinals, 1981

A series of Hilbert Space constructions are introduced which allow one to interpret the concept of a transfinite number, ø, such that 2 raised to the exponent ø is equal to the first transfinite cardinal Aleph-naught. Such a cardinal is called "weakly infinite" and is shown to be the basis for an entire family of weakly infinite cardinals. $6

Other papers

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