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Ferment Magazine welcomes New Writers

Since returning from France in August, Ferment Magazine and its author/editor have, in the quest for more outreach, launched a variety of initiatives:

(1) Floating on these adventuresome waters is a plan to bring the noted Belgian pianist, Stephane Ginsburgh, to our resident city of Middletown, Connecticut, to perform Beethoven's "Diabelli Variations" on the town library's high quality piano.

(2) Another log kindling in "our" (the two members of the equivalence class of author and editor) bonfire is a plan to set up a tour through university and college French departments, of a musical theatre ensemble located in Paris known simply as "GRRR". We encountered them during our visit last July to the Avignon Theatre Festival, and were able to witness at first hand their incredible cabaret-style production based on the life and ballads of George Brassens.

(3) Last, but not least (indeed FIRST!, judging from the title of this page), we fling open the files and folders of Ferment Magazine to


Initiating this folder is the multi-talented writer, immigrant from Iran, literary scholar and professional of the aviation industry, Vahid Norouzalibeik. During his years as a student at Tehran University, I was able to help him as a mentor in European Literature.

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to read Vahid's autobiography, (with photos).

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to read my letter of recommendation to help him find employment and assist in his continuing university career.

Click at these places to read 2 of his short stories:

(1)A Brief Candle in the Attic(docx)

(2)amorphous continuum (docx)

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