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Hysteria & Enlightenment

This novel/ documentary evokes the music, science, medicine and politics of the Enlightenment in Vienna ( 1750- 1791).

The focus is on the cure of the hysterical blindness of the 17-year old piano prodigy, Marie-Therese von Paradis, by Franz Anton Mesmer, the man who brought hypnosis to the attention of European medicine. This tragic and beautiful story has been told many times.

From its' fertile soil the author reaps a rich harvest of insights into: the structure of perception; the distinction between sight and vision; the learning process; the relationship of music to mental illness ; the medical revolution of the 18th century; the excitement and turmoil of the Industrial Revolution; the physician's dual persona as scientist and charismatic healer; psychiatric practice, then and now ; and related issues.

Hysteria and Enlightenment combines history with historical romance, veracity with artistic integrity. The author's concern throughout has been to guarantee that scientific accuracy does not overshadow the fascination and drama of the story...............$20

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  1. Life and Life Energy:

The Origins of the Unconscious Mind in the Psychic Process ........$10.00

  • Love & Cosmology:

    Cosmology and Mythology of Romantic Love. This may be read at Love and Cosmology ........$8.00

  • The Corpse in the Bedroom:

    Shakespeare's ''Hamlet'' : Text, Psychology,Historical Background, Staging, Production.........$12.00.

  • Question Theory :

    Applications of the Logic of Questions (Erotetic Logic) to the analysis of human interaction.....$10.00

  • Shrinking Expectations :

    An informal History of psychiatry from the 16th to 19th centuries.......$10.00

  • Malicious Malpractice :

    A polemic directed against the major abuses of contemporary psychotherapy : psycho-analysis; electroshock; psycho-surgery; recovered memory therapy; neuroleptic drug therapies; codification of psychic disorders, etc.....$10.00

    Complete set: $50
    Send cash, check or money order payable to:
    Roy Lisker
    8 Liberty Street#306 Middletown, CT. 06457

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