Chomsky's Linguistics

Chomsky's Linguistics Exposed!

Debunking the gurus of grammar in language and music :Noam Chomsky and Heinrich Schenker

Heinrich Schenker and Noam Chomsky function as the Church Fathers of Music and Language in the latter half of the 20th century. Each is known for inventing schemes which purport, at least in theory (above all in theory) to decide when a composition is really music or when a sentence truly belongs to correct English. Far more than that: each hints at some profound insight into the FOUNDATION of their field-some mysterious DEEP STRUCTURE which determines the surface features of our modes of communication. "Batteries of transformations"-it is claimed by each of them-"lying in the MIDDLE GROUND"-carry musical and linguistic forms up from the DEEP STRUCTURE to the phrases or sentences that we actually use.

The author suggests that this is all so much hog-wash, that in fact these "systems" tell us more about the spirit of our age than they do about music or language.


Below one finds examples from 3 systems of interpretation:








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