Life and Life Energy

Life and Life Energy

The Origins of the Unconscious Mind in the Psychic Process

This essay is concerned with the psychology of adjustment. One of its intentions is to lay a foundation for a science of emotion free from the dogma of strict causality.

If "Life and Life Energy" can be said to have a central thesis, it is that the self-conscious awareness of one's existence in the living state is the primary component in mental health. Adaptation, successful adjustment is attained when the living nature has successfully reassert its claims over a ceaselessly challenging and threatening world.

The process of psychic rebirth,of necessity, entails an unconscious stage: consciousness does not and cannot spring full-blown from its encounter with external events. The temporal progression of mental states from the initial confrontation with threatening or traumatic events, to the reassertion of full awareness, is carefully articulated in this essay, the mechanism of adjustment analysed from scientific,philosophical and moral viewpoints.

"Life and Life Energy", is a permanent work-in-progress. A new reworking of its basic ideas is anticipated in a year or so.


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