Malicious Malpractice

Malicious Malpractice

The Flowering of Psychiatric Abuse in the Last Quarter of the 20th Century

Psychiatric abuse derives from ignorance, indoctrination, righteous intentions, fear of the mentally ill, the mentality of power, appalling self-deception, and the greed pervading the entire medical profession.

Whence cometh this madness? Why does our civilization endorse a sick science for the cure of sick minds?

In the 18th century, when astronomy had reached a zenith with the publication of Flamsteed's star catalogues , both great and lowly could still die of a cut finger because nothing was known about infection.

Today's medical science has much to be proud of, (and gives us few opportunities to forget it), and it is the science of Mental Disease that is arbitrary, useless and dangerous. We do not now possess anything resembling a valid psychotherapy. What is promoted as such can and must be interrogated at many levels:

What is the extent of the social damage caused by psychotherapy? The brain damage? Suicide? Crime? The undermining of basic civil liberties? The larger political ramifications? What are the historical roots of modern practices?

This series of articles addresses these questions. Specialized topics include:

  1. The Recovery of Repressed Memories.

  2. Multiple Personality Disorder/Ritual Satanic Abuse

  3. Biopsychiatry and Drug Addiction

  4. Electro-convulsive Shock Therapy

  5. Psychosurgery

  6. The Politics of Psychotherapy

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