Question Theory

On The Theory of Well-Formed Questions

  1. The Logical Theory

  2. The Psychological Theory


Two branches of Erotetic Logic (The Logic of Questions) are developed in this treatise: Logical Question Theory (LQT) , and Psychological Question Theory(PQT). Central to each of them is the notion of the Well-Formed Question.

Part I discusses the structure of the logical question. Basic criteria for establishing that a question is logically well-formed( WFQ) or ill-formed(IFQ) are presented and put into the form of a diagrammatic.

The mathematical classification of the species of IFQ is initiated, together with a discussion of the logical paradoxes, similar to those one finds in Set Theory.

Some indications are given of ways by which this classification scheme may be brought to completion.

Part IIintroduces the ideas basic to a theory of psychological questions (PQT).

Herein one can do no more than touch upon a vast and fascinating subject. An attempt is made to present a convincing case for its relevance to the scientific foundations of personal and social psychology.

To study the psychological question is to study anxiety, doubt, hope and expectation.





Schema of the Logical Question

Schema of the Psychological Question

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