Clearwater Activist

The Unreconstructed Activist

Clearwater Festival, June 1998

In June, 1998, the author was invited to give several performances of poetry and story-telling at the Clearwater Festival in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Founded by Pete Seeger and his associates in 1966 to reclaim and protect the Hudson Valley, it remains one of the major events in folk music, story telling and environmentalism in the country.Having lived in the Valley during the 70's and 80's, I had much to say about the river and the region. The book contains Songs, Poetry, Chants, Stories, and political reflections on issues past and current.

On the program I was listed as an "unreconstructed activist". Never having been "deconstructed" it was hard to imagine how I might be "reconstructed", let along "unreconstructed".

However I did my best to talk about my unreconstructed activism in Dutchess and Ulster counties, on both sides of the Hudson, between 1978 and 1983.

Thinking it might have come connection with the tying of sailor's knots, Pete Seeger asked me to give a little talk about Knot Theory. This does not appear in this book, but has been incorporated into one of the stories in the volume Pons Asinorum of this series





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