Emerald Flames

Emerald Flames

Inconclusive Report on Poetic Expeditions

Tavola Rasa

  1. Schema Poems

    • Warning:The Surgeon General has determined that Cigarette Smoking is dangerous to your health

    • Patricia Spencer/Her Flute/Dim Auditorium

  2. Musical Fragments

    • Morning

    • Euphony

    • And Through Love Only

    • Love Echoed Through The Woods

  3. Bawdy Ballads

    • The Abscess, by the Alienism Poet, Hervé Duchasse

    • The Kerry Girl, for recitation in the Bailey pub , Dublin; by Seamus McGrath

  4. Rapsodes

    • White House Halloween Party, 1972

    • The Night of the Gluon

      1. Randy Metaquark

      2. The Dream of Arnold Stein

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