Poetry on the Event Horizon

A Scrapbook of Experiments

  1. Instructions for a Silent Listening-The narrator evokes a musical composition which the members of the audience puts together in their minds

  2. 3 Musical Fragments

  3. 3 Euphonic Poems

  4. The Colonial World. Based on a phrase from Frantz Fanon's "Wretched of the Earth"

  5. Hecatomb for Jim Jones

  6. Poems written in Tioga County Jail, New York State

    1. Matrix Poem:"To ever resist indifference"

    2. Harp of Orpheus. A composition on tuned jailhouse censorpaper.This poem is reproduced below

  7. Chant based on the word "Memory"

  8. 2-Dimensional Cartesian Graph Poem




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