Brahmagupta I

Brahmagupta I

The First Problem Set

Roy Lisker, 2002

Brahmagupta 1 is the first of a series of books of mathematics problems, largely invented by its author.

It contains 17 problems at the level of graduate students and advanced undergraduates in mathematics. It is the author's hope that some of these problems are challenging to mathematicians in general.

Brahmagupta (598-665 C.E.) was an outstanding mathematician and astronomer of 7th Century India.

All solutions are written out in full. Problems:

  1. Convex figures

  2. Zeta-Function series problems

  3. Algebraic Integers on the Unit Circle

  4. A Topology on Permutation Space

  5. A relationship between tangent and radius vector

  6. Parametrizing a graph by arc-length and curvature

  7. A curious infinite product

  8. Some Fibonacci Series problems

  9. An iterated sum-product

  10. A double summation problem

  11. Everywhere and Nowhere convergent series

  12. A metric Knot Theory problem

  13. Basic representations of Unity

  14. Combinatorics of semi-groups

  15. Non-standard logic1

  16. Non-standard logic 2

  17. Self-inverting analytic functions.

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