Brahmagupta I

Brahmagupta I

The First Problem Set

Roy Lisker, 2002

Brahmagupta II is the second of a series of books of mathematics problems.They have been largely invented by its author. Although he is not guilty of plagiarism he does not intend to claim copyrights for them.

Brahma II contains 16 problems at the level of graduate students and advanced undergraduates in mathematics. It is the author's hope that some of these problems are challenging to mathematicians in general.

All solutions are written out in full.

Brahmagupta (598-665 C.E.) was an outstanding mathematician and astronomer of 7th Century India.


  1. Factoring Polynomials
    over Matrix Fields

  2. Four problems
    about Antigroups

  3. Quaternion substitutions
    in analytic functions

  4. An exotic
    differential equation

  5. A chess problem
    based on the rook's move

  6. Four dynamical systems problems

  7. Two problems
    in Special Relativity






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