In Memoriam Einstein

In Memoriam Einstein

The Einstein Centennial Symposium

March 14-19,1979
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ

Roy Lisker
Published in Les Temps Modernes
January 1980

Lunch with John Archibald Wheeler, Paul Dirac, Claudio Teitelboim and Adolf Grunbaum!

Dinner with Subramanyan Chandrasekhar!

A dispute with Martin Rees!

A brief interview with Stephen Hawking!

Conversations, interviews and exchanges with Hawking, Dirac, Penrose, Chandrasekhar, Wigner, Rabi, Regge, Weinberg, Pais, Kuhn,Ne'Man, Jost, Bergmann, Rees, Sciama ....

All gathered together to honor Albert Einstein, the greatest of them all! Genius, Legend, Myth, and the father of history's greatest scientific revolution

By a singular ruse the author of this account obtained entrance to the most exclusive party in the scientific world of the 20th century:

The Einstein Centennial Symposium at the IAS, Princeton March14-19,1979.

Admission was denied to all but a hand-picked group of celebrieties: Nobel Prize winners, surviving members of Einstein's family, renowed Einstein scholars and historians, and journalists.

Unbeknownst to the organizers of the event, Mr. Lisker turned out to be the only journalist present with the scientific competence to cover the entirety of this unique event.

The result is a gripping and fascinating story that is both informed and humane, scientifically credible and politically aware.

(January 4th, 2016) "In Memoriam Einstein" has been published by the Sagging Meniscus Press.

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