Euclidean Time and Relativity

Time, Euclidean Geometry and Relativity

Space-Time Topology and Constructible Clocks

Roy Lisker; 1967-69-91-2002

The ideas in this paper were first developed in 1967, based on ideas derived from a course which I gave under the auspices of the University of Pennsylvania on the Epistemology of Modern Physics. A first revision of this paper was presented to Costa de Beauregard and led to my acceptance as a student at the Institute Poincaré in 1969 for one year in its program of mathematical physics. It has since been revised several times, most recently in 2002. Few people seem to understand what I'm talking, which explains the numerous revisions. I myself don't see what the problem is: the ideas are simple, the conclusions startling. What else is new?

  1. Introduction

    • Quantum Time: a long footnote

    • Discontinuity and Time Measurement

  2. Homogeneous Time

    • Clocks

  3. Temporal Axioms

  4. Cyclic Time

    • Internal Observers,X,External Observers Y

    • X versus Y perspectives

    • Inertial paths,Frames, Time scales

    • Interraction of Inertial Systems in W

    • Authentic Versus Deficient Clocks

    • Properties of Clocks in an Oriented Cyclic Void Space-Time W

  5. Axioms of Euclidean Time

    • Axioms of Continuity

    • Axioms of Orientation

  6. Relativistic Cyclic Time

    • The Aristotelian Model

    • The Conic Model

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