Intro to Quantum Theory

Introduction to the Ideas of Quantum Theory

From Planck's Quantum of Action to the Discovery of Non-Locality

This introduction differs from other non-technical books on Quantum Theory in several respects :

  1. Although the mathematics is kept to a minimum, the discussion is geared to the educated public. Most accounts tend to be written far above or far below this level.

  2. It maintains a high standard of prose writing

  3. The theory's subtlety has not been compromised. On-going controversies are given prominence.

  4. This book may be used in classrooms to supplement standard mathematical texts.

  5. Its' bibliography provides an excellent resource for further study.

  6. Topics range from Planck's discovery of the quantum of action in the 1900's, to the discovery and investigation, in the 90's, of non-local phenomena with their applications to quantum computation.Quantum computing however is not covered in this book.

Schrödinger's Cat

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