Alexandre Yesenin-Volpin


Mathematical Logician and Political Dissident

This collection of essays grew out of a series of interviews with Dr.Volpin at SUNY New Paltz in the Hudson Valley in 1981. They were revised and enlarged and appeared in the form of a series of articles in "Ferment" in 1993.

1.Historical Background: Life and death of his father, the celebrated poet Sergei Esenin (1895-1925). His 5 marriages, including that with Isadora Duncan. Persecution of Alexandre Yesenin-Volpin under Stalin and his successors

2. Background to the interviews at SUNY-New Paltz

3. Precise of the differing schools of modern logic, with an emphasis on Intuitionism, Finitistic Intuitionism,and Super-Finitistic Intuitionism.

4.A history of the Russian Civil Rights Movement of the 1970's, with a focus on Volpin's fundamental role in the development and application of the "legality" strategy invented by him. A comparison made of the political activism of Russian versus American scientists during the period of the Cold War.



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