Barbarians in the Salon

3 Minor Art Movements of the 20th Century

The events and personalities associated with them related in this collection of articles are the stuff of legend Such phenomena have asserted themselves time and time again in our cultural history, and are destined to re-occur as long as mankind aspires via the creative arts to the ideals of beauty and truth.

A group of "renegades", "rebels", "barbarians" will rise up in defiance against the rigid catechisms of the "academy", the "galleries", the "fashionable critics". Driven by their obession for innovation, stakeing all on their integrity, these insolent men and women hurl their "blasphemies" against all that is hidebound and traditiona, defying, in their work as well as in their lives, all pre-established social convention.

They frequently come together in movements: Surrealism: Symbolism; Dada; or the 3 movements described in these essays. Soon they quarrel among themselves even more ferociously than they attack even the enthroned Popes of the established culture. Indeed, it is from this very contention that the living art of the times emerghes... Of which only a small fraction is destined to survive via the immortality bestowed by true greatness.....

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