Cats and Crazy Razors

Cats and Crazy Razors

And Other Mutilated Monologues

Roy Lisker, 1968;1972;1990

  1. The Amplitude of the Cosmos

    The story is set around the Marlboro Music Festival of 1980.Totally non-linear, written in an extravagant style that is neither prose, poetry nor music, while partaking of all of these.Death plays the Shakuhachi, Leonard Rose struggles with the ghost of Pablo Casals for the cello part of the Brahms F minor quintet. Its basic themes, if one can speak of any, are Brahms, Schoenberg, Nuclear Power, the pre-Cambrian shield, a lover's triangle, music and death.

  2. Cats and Crazy Razors

    A short narrative much indebted to the narrative experiments of the New Novel. A gruesome horror story indeed. An insidious, compelling poetry leads one , just before the end, to the full horror, by which time it's too late to do anything.

  • Three Weddings

    3 legends of transformation: The latent hysteria of the marriage ceremony finds release through the power of music.




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