4 Cynical Xmas Stories

4 Cynical Xmas Stories

In the grand and glorious "Bah Humbug" tradition,these are stories of crass commercialism, pious blarney, and ideological intolerance. Herein one finds Western Organized Religion ridiculed as rarely ridiculed before. Yet these stories are in no ways blasphemous, insulting nor disrespectful of the Great Teachers who founded them.

  1. A Child is Born: In the 1960's the Communist Arab mayor of Nazareth abolishes Christmas, with consequences in Heaven itself.

  2. Sam The Messiah Man:A virtuoso violinist decides, for security's sake, to specialize in Handel's Messiah. He knows unanticipated success, yet pays heavily for it in the end.

  3. Joy to the World:A talented street musician plays Christmas carols before Macy's department store, in San Francisco's Union Square, surrounded by alcoholics, crippled beggars, and a young zealot from "Jews for Jesus".

  4. The Gift of Tongues: In the weeks before Christmas, ministers and advertising agents hold parallel conventions in the same luxury hotel, dedicated to their opposed opinions on alcohol consumption in the holiday season.

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