Pons Asinorum

Pons Asinorum Chelm

Mites of Mathematics

5 Satiric Sketches

The basic premise underlying this collection of stories is that one doesn't have to understand Mathematics to make fun of it.

  1. Recent Advances in the Measurement of Pi
    Measuring Pi to 40 places with the help of numerous grants from the military and the NSF,quantum theory, a catscan, and a chef from the International House of Pancakes

  2. The Hydrodynamics of Bus Boarding.
    How to use contemporary Knot Theory to figure out the best way to board a Greyhound bus at 2 in the morning

  3. The Hotel Quadmire
    Jumping the rent of an elite hotel with the help of the Theory of Differential Equations.

  4. Aleph McNaughton Cantor
    A 13-year old mathematics prodigy confronts his first day at the University

  5. The Duty of Evariste Kolmogoroff
    Squaring the Circle and the Existential Dilemma.

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