Quest of the Absolute

In Quest of the Absolute

3 Stories of Americans in France

Roy Lisker, 1968;1972;1990

  1. Transience

    Two American expatriates in Paris, one an exchange student in flight from an art school in Norway, the other an impoverished middle-aged writer, meet briefly over dinner in a Greek restaurant on the rue de la Huchette in the Latin Quarter. They never meet again save through indirect involvement in a personal tragedy

  2. In Quest of the Absolute

    A successful ballerina and modern dancer in New York pursues a secondary career as a prostitute on 42nd Street. Her two professions catch up with her at the Avignon Dance Festival of 1988

  • Despair

    A despondent young man from San Francisco comes to Paris with the hope that it may give him some purpose in life. Apart from finding a rich girl-friend, his life of sleeping and drinking changes little. A parable for those who seek quick solutions to spiritual dilemmas.




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