Sea Urchins

Sea Urchins

A Fable of the Marine Biological Laboratories
Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Roy Lisker 1959; revised and edited 2000

"Thanks for your novella which took me back to a time when the MBL library was open, publishers showed books in the Lillie auditorium, and scientists worked on sea urchins"
Gerry Weissmann Author of "Darwin's Audubon: Science and the Liberal Imagination" and of the "Woods Hole Cantata".

Sea Urchins is an anti-science fiction story. A doctoral candidate in marine biology from Case Western University in Ohio comes to the Marine Biological Laboratories in the summer of 1959, to work out a host of experiments involving sea urchins. Blending science fact and fiction he becomes thoroughly lost in both his ideas and his research, leading, with a considerable amount of humor, to the inevitable catastrophe. A satiric excursion into "Science" as faith and life-style.

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