Vagabond Violin

Vagabond Violin

Pages from the Journal of a Wandering Street Musician

Several of these stories also appear in "Tales of Frustrated Musicians"

  1. 3 Weddings

  2. Lincoln Center in July

  3. Joy to the World
    A street violinist spreads Christmas cheer at Union Square in San Francisco ( well, almost)

  4. Rocking the Lyric Cradle

    A wandering violinist retraces the route of the troubadours of the 12th century

  5. Princess Grace to the Rescue(!)

    A violinist plays in front of the Monaco Casino, is arrested, then ingeniously uses his connection to Grace Kelly to escape imprisonment.

  6. The Meistersinger's Nobel Prizelied

    Street music and physics in Stockholm, during the 11th General Relativity and Gravitation Conference of 1986





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