Musical Compositions 1967-72

Roy Lisker, 1967-72

My career as a composer begins in 1967 and is essentially over by 1974. Over that 7 year period I graduated from "Talented Beginner" to "Talented Beginner with Portfolio"!

In that short span I composed 50 or more folk song arrangements, 20 guitar pieces, a dozen or more art songs, a violin solo piece ( Barbarous Dance, in a key with 2 accidentals E-flat G-sharp), some incidental pieces for piano, etc.

It appears that, despite such promising beginnings, it was never intended that I should be a composer. What was learned in that half decade has fortunately been transformed creatively in all the prose and poetry, (notably the "Sound Poetry" and "Matrix Poetry") written in the following years.

From this musical opus I've made a selection of those pieces which are most capable of presentation to a general audience. One can easily see that this is beginner's work. For example, the song "Nirvana", (one of the pieces of which I am most proud), has obvious errors in vocal range that could easily be corrected. Since I haven't composed so much as a lullaby since 1979, time has not been found to correct these mistakes either . Anyone who reads these scores is invited to make the appropriate corrections, then arrange to have "Nirvana", (or any of the other songs) performed as a collaboration!

I. Three Art Songs, 1967-72

Nirvana, 1967

Spring Brings No Joy,1970

Through My Window, 1973

II. Selections from Treize Etudes pour Guitare
published by Max Eschig, 1972

Guitar Pieces

III. Seven Love Songs, Medium Voice and Guitar 1974

7 Songs

IV. First Collection of Song Arrangements
Voice and Guitar

Folksongs I

V.Second Collection of Song Arrangements

Folksongs II

VI. Third Collection of Song Arrangements

Folksongs III

VII.Short Instrumental Pieces


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