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(1)4/6/08:Manipulating the 2-party system Debasing belief to strategy

(2) 4/8/08:Science as handicapped thought On the downside of a scientific education

(3)4/15/08: Safe Sex as OxymoronThe Eternal Dance of the Erotic and the Ergodic

(4)6/24/08:French Literature and the Echo Chamber The cult of the intellectual in France, from the 30's to the late 50's

(5)7/09/08:Hanging out in the Two Cultures A novel interpretation of my university education

(6)8/13/08:Marching through Georgia

(7) 8/15/08: Combatting CreationismAdifferent approach

<8>10/13/08:European psychologyThe historical genesis of a shambles

(9)11/04/08: POW/MIA at MIT

(10)11/26/08:Cognitive Neuro-Economics
and the Financial Crisis

(11)12/19/08: Soloists and Lost Geniuses.Is music all that it's cracked up to be?

(12)2/6/2009: Rubbish in religion versus rubbish in Science with a modicum of indulgence towards the former.

(13)2/17/09:J.S. Bach and cataract surgery After almost 3 centuries, science catches up with art

(14)2/23/09:Dealing with the Bush legacy A proposal for the Obama administration.

(15)3/5/09 Modernism in English Literature
A request to its departed paradigms.

(16)3/15/09:20 beneficial consequences of a depressed economy

(17)4/13/09:Minds not in fer'-ment are doomed to fer-ment'!
A diatribe.

(18)5/2/09:Life in a mathematics department.
Two candid views.

(19)5/22/09:A proposal to ease the Israel/Palestinian stalemate

6/9/09: On defecation

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