6 Variations on the Theme of Space-Time

  1. General Outline

  2. Projective Concepts and Constructs

  3. On the Hubble Expansion
    Distinguishing between "expansion of space", and "expansion through spaceā€

  4. On spontaneous changes in the speed of light (pdf)

    Many consequences are drawn from the following thesis:It is impossible by any means to design an experiment, within the universe described by Special Relativity, that can detect any change in the speed of light

  5. Relative Motion and Reference Frames on 2-Manifolds
    Space-Time Curvature without Causation

  6. Barrier Theory
    Physical Finitism. Extending the barriers of Special Relativity and Quantum Theory to other observables

  7. Non-Metrizable Time
    Non-constructible clocks and the measurement of time.

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