Odors of Corruption: The Decadent University

  1. College President's Speech

  2. For Profit Education: What Else Is New?

  3. M.I.T.

    (a) Structural Linguistics at MIT, circa 1980

    (b)Jorge Luis Borges
    April 8, 1980

    (c) Mousetrap Tech
    A Parable of MIT

  4. Colorado University at Boulder
    (a) 7th International Congress of Math-Physicists
    August 1-10. 1982

    (b) Boulder 1992
    Political Activism at the Novelists of the Americas Conference, CU Boulder September 1992.
    On September 19, 2013, this article was read over the radio in the context of an interview with Steve Allison, the MC of "River Valley Rhythms" for the station WESU 88.1 FM in Middletown, CT.The interview has been archived and can be listened to at
    River Valley Rhythms

  5. University of California at Berkeley:
    (a)UC Berkeley 85-87(.docx)

    (b) Welcome to Berkeley, Goats and Monkeys! Berkeley 1983-87

  6. Boston University
    Chronicles of the BU NEIDL, a Biosafety-4 level research lab for infectious diseases in downtown Boston's Roxbury

    (a)The Gilded Age of Biodefense (html)

    Commentary on the NEIDL Risk Assessment report of the NIH 2012

  7. Carnival in the Classroom
    Nepotism and incompetence in mathematics education:
    Eugenio Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY 1982

  8. The National Medal of Bush, from (1963)Vannevar to George Dubya(2003):
    (a) 11/2/03:The National Medal of Science

    (b)11/8/03:Circus in the East Room

  9. The dilemma of I.Y. Snew
    Higher Education and the Two Cultures

  10. Council of Autonomous Scholarly Support
    The real way to get a doctor's degree

  11. Movement Against Discrimination by EducationAn editorial, circa 1994

Getting That Meal Ticket: A Novel of College Life

Meal Ticket(.doc)

Table of Contents for Chapters in .pdf
Adaptations from my college career, vividly reconfigured

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