College President's Speech

Editorial January 5, 2005

Ladies and gentleman, faculty, staff, graduate students, undergraduates and -one dearly hopes- prospective undergraduates: it is difficult to put into words the great pleasure I experience from this opportunity to enlarge upon the goals of our extraordinary institution, Cardhouse University.

Cardhouse U is dedicated to excellence. You will be happy to hear that all of its goals are future directed. There is one question that just about every young person asks me, and that is : "Why should I want to go to Cardhouse for my education? What will I get out of it?"

A question like that, coming from someone just about to embark on the adventure of adulthood, has to get a straight answer. There is, after all, lots of competition out there . And Cardhouse has to keep up with the competition, if it wishes to excel.That's something I'm constantly reminding my administration: competition is about excellence.

When students ask me that question I always tell them the same thing: the education we give at Cardhouse University prepares you for the challenges of the modern world. We mold young minds, make no mistake about it. We are unique, I guess, in our ability to stretch young minds to their full capacity. Don't imagine that this is some haphazard enterprise: we take our responsibilities very seriously. Anyone who comes to Cardhouse U. knows that he will be exposed to job skills that will enable him to integrate into the work force. Cardhouse University is proud of its contribution to America's competitive edge in the global economy.

What are we about? Challenges I guess. Well, actually it's more: we're also about opportunities. That just about sums it up. Innovation is our primary concern. In fact, let me restate that: innovation's what concerns us most. Cardhouse U.'s curriculum seeks to establish an effective balance between preparation and creativity, between change and the status quo, between realistic expectations and idealistic aspirations. That's a promise. The results are readily translated into operative strategies for success. Without neglecting the overall picture that so often gets lost in the shuffle.

Cardhouse graduates are in the very forefront of achievement: the figures speak for themselves! I can state this in total confidence, knowing that no-one will bother to contradict me. In addition to which, Cardhouse has been dedicated to the loftiest ideals of humanity for over a century. If not longer. One of our major strengths is in our belief in the integrated mind. Freedom to explore independent options, that's what our students have a right to expect from us. At the same time, the advantages of specialized preparation are not ignored. Indeed we take them into account . Our intellectual aspirations, I'm proud to say, are every bit at the level of our imagination.

Indeed, nothing is impossible. In the words of our late president, it is our job to transmit the accumulated wisdom of the ages to future generations. And we aren't afraid of standards. Look at it this way: standards are nothing new to us.

Cardhouse University has evolved. Come to think of it, it never stops evolving. There's a reason for that: the opposite of evolution is stagnation. I have a copy in my hands right now of the latest US News and World Report, which ranks us 15th in the country.

Small classrooms, individual instruction, customized study options, attention to subjective requirements, fostering of student endorsements, innovative curricula, outstanding teaching staff, orientation in the direction of the maximalization of realization of individual potential , inter-generational ties, community involvement, comprehensiveness, traditional values, preparation for life and, I almost apologize for saying it: excellence!

That's Cardhouse University in a nutshell. Thank you.

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