Science Editorials

Science Editorials

  1. 2/15/09:
    Commentary on an Observation of René Thom

  2. 2/27/09:
    Time as a Broken Symmetry: Can time be said to "flow"?

  3. 3/15/09
    doc version

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    Do Unicorns Exist?
    A rambling discourse on the existence of unicorns, Kant's synthetic apriori,non-locality and Black Holes.

  4. 5/23/09
    Is there Quantum Uncertainty in the Ding-an-Sich?

  5. 6/16/09
    Entanglement:A book review and some reflections

  6. 7/17/09
    A scientific argument for the existence of a discrete time quantum

  7. 5/22/10
    Problems with the "elevator thought experiment" of General Relativity.

  8. 6/15/10
    Defining Particles:Singularities versus Critical Points.

  9. 12/09/10
    Black Holes and Universal Unification

  10. 3/19/11
    Disdain:Mathematics, Journalism and the Irreversible Flow of Time

  11. 5/25/11
    On the Perils of Being a Research Mathematician

  12. 1/19/12
    Astronomy for the Masses; Giant Telescopes in North Korea.

  13. 2/5/12
    Mathematics at the Crossroads: the AMS and the MAA

  14. May 23,2012
    Time as an Immersion of a 3-Manifold onto Itself

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