Pseudo-Scholarship Folder:

Deconstructing the Deep Structure

  1. A Beautiful Mind:Myth and Reality in the phenomenon of John Nash

(i)Sylvia Nasar
(ii)Russell Crowe

  • The phenomenon of Peter Lynds:
  • Zeno's Paradoxes

  • The two or more cultures debate. more or less

    The Delusion of I.Y. Snew

  • Noam Chomsky: Style and Idea
  • (i)Linguistics:
    Noam Chomsky and Heinrich Schenker
    (Part I)
    ;(Part 2)

    Language Politics in the Culture of Colloquia

    Noam Chomsky and Robert McNamara

  • Deconstructionism:
  • Syphilization and its Discontents(pdf)

  • Science in the Bush/Cheney era:

  • (i)The Gilded Age of Biodefense (html);(pdf)

    (ii)Finding uses for unwanted embryos

    (iii)The National Medal of Science

    and sequel:
    (iv)Circus in the East Room

  • Freud and his incestuous progeny:

    Psychiatric Abuse I
    Psychiatric Abuse II
    Psychiatric Abuse III

    A Freudian analyst analyzes a patient whose neurosis consists in believing in the ideas of Sigmund Freud
    "Doctor I need help!"

    A brief history of psychiatry, 1600-1900:
    Shrinking Expectations

    A polemic overview of 20th century psychiatry:
    Malicious Malpractice

  • Education:

    (i)The Academic World and the Fragmentation of our Intellectual Culture
    The Ghetto Mind

    (ii)Nepotism and Corruption in the Mathematics Department of
    Eugenio Hostos Community College:
    Carnival in the Classroom

    (iii)Teaching in a French Agricultural School during May,1968
    Revolution at Pierrefonds

    (iv)A parable of M.I.T.
    Mousetrap Tech

    (v)Feasting on the Obscene Bird of Night
    Jorge Luis Borges at M.I.T.

    (vi)Return to the Merry-Go-Round
    Princeton University

    (vii)Creeping Fascism Halted!
    Middletown Adult Education

    CETA teaches the art of getting a job
    The Job Factory

    Art History

    Barbarians in the Salon: 3 Minor Art Movements of the 20th Century

    Preface (html);(pdf)
    Disintegrationism (html);(pdf)
    Alienism(html); (pdf)

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