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  1. NEW!!October 15,2012

    Psychological interpretations of 2 plays by Sophocles:
    Oedipus Tyrannus and Antigone

  2. Jottings on Shakespeare's Othello. May 23, 2012

  3. An exposition and analysis of Anton Chekhov's play The Seagull was placed on Ferment Magazine on February 26,2010. Go to:
    The Seagull(html)
    The Seagull(doc)
    The Seagull(pdf)

  4. Documenting the Cannes Film Festival, May 1970:


    Cannes Festival "IT"!

  5. Performing in Monaco on June 21, 1986, the day of the "Festival de la Musique", a street musician finds himself in hot water:

    Grace Kelly to the Rescue!

  6. On site with the crew of "La Belle Au Bois Mourant",Maya Films
    Ainay-le-Chateau,July 1968:

    1. The Town

    2. The Film Diary

    1. The Corpse In The Bedroom
      Topics In Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

    2. Review of Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet", 1996

    3. Review of Laurence Olivier's "Hamlet", 1948

    4. Gregory Doran's Hamlet
      Notes on the BBC2 2009 Production

  7. A dramaturgical vision of Ibsen's greatest play: Little Eyolf

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