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NEW!! August 1, 2012

UC Berkeley 1985-87
A sensational exposé of life as a paper-marker in mathematics and physics.
An inhuman interest story.This unique account of guerrilla war within the scientific establishment, its many disasters and evanescent triumphs, could only have been written by someone who was there and lived through it!

UC Berkeley 85-87(.docx)

New! August 7,2012
A new folder on Ferment Magazine:
Odors of Corruption: The Decadent University

  1. Cambridge University, August 2011 A visit to the birth-place of modern science, courtesy of a former director of the British Museum. A conversation with the curator of the Wittgenstein Archive.

  2. Council of Autonomous Scholarly Support
    Raising the standards of the doctorate

  3. Movement Against Discrimination by Education

  4. Middletown Adult Education
    Decisive action stays the hand of the F.B.I
    October 5,1995

  5. For Profit Education: What Else Is New?

  6. Open Letter to Lawrence Summers
    President of Harvard University, with Commentary
    February 1,2005

  7. The Ghetto Mind
    On intellectual gerrymandering

  8. Welcome to Berkeley, Goats and Monkeys!

  9. Pierrefonds Agricultural School
    France in May 1968

  10. Carnival in the Classroom
    Nepotism and corruption in mathematics education:
    Eugenio Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY 1982

  11. The 'for-profit' education industry:what else is new?
    Editorial, Feb. 1,2005

  12. College President's Speech
    Editorial,January 5,2005

  13. The dilemma of I.Y. Snew
    Education and the Two Cultures

  14. Mousetrap Tech
    A Parable

  15. The Job Factory
    A CETA course on how to get a job,Cambridge MA, Feb. 1981

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