Since 1958 I have been applying the techniques of other arts,such as experimental narrative, musical forms, and graphics to language. This has led to the invention of a host of new genres: Matrix Poetry, Sound Poetry, the Livre-Object (which I did not invent but have developed in my own way), poems with images,Ricci flows (!), and a small number of poems attempted in classical forms.

NEW! October 2014
Persephone, A Tone Poem

Persephone October 2014(pdf)

The Night of the Gluon

This monologue mingles fact, speculation and fantasy."Randy Metaquark" has been modeled on a physicist from the Ivory Coast that I met in Chicago in 1992.

The Night of the Gluon, Part I
The Night of the Gluon, Part II

Sound Poetry
Temporarily Unavailable (November 3,2014)

Clearwater Revival. June 20,1998

This compendium of recited poems, monologues and polemics has been placed on Ferment Magazine as, among other things, a tribute to Pete Seeger , the legendary American folk-singer and political activist, recently deceased at the age of 94 on January 27, 2014. "Clearwater" was the movement that he created to save the Hudson Valley from polluters such as General Electric in Schenectady, NY. His ship,the Clearwater sloop, travelled the whole length of the Hudson River.

For awhile he and his organization were able to get General Electric to clean up the PCB's and other pollutants in the river.Much work still remains to be done.

The Clearwater Revival was a folk-singing, story-telling and performance festival held every year at different places along the Hudson River. This book contains most of the pieces that I did at the 1998 revival, apart from folk-song arrangements and a theatre piece.

Clearwater Revival(docx)
Clearwater Revival(doc)
Clearwater Revival(pdf)

Matrix Poems

  1. Flautist
    (lined version)
  2. Golden Crowns
    (lined version)
  3. Rain
    (lined version)
  4. Music, Art Flowing from Sublime Sources
    (lined version)
  5. "The Sound of Music"

Text and images of the Matrix Poem Cycle

Lightning Crashes Around Thunder-Echoing Skies

Lament for a Dead Princess

This poem, written in the style of the Mesopotamian laments of the 1st Millennium BS(Before Socrates) appears in the final act of a play dedicated to the memory of Rachel Corrie, died age 23,March 16,2003. The play does not take sides in the conflicts between Israel and Palestine, but mourns the deaths of idealistic youth at all times and in all places.

Lament (docx)
Lament (doc)
Lament (pdf)

Shakespeare's Sonnets in One Sonnet

Sonnets in One Sonnet (docx)
Sonnets in One Sonnet (doc)
Sonnets in One Sonnet (pdf)

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