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Roy Lisker

NEW!!(October 18,2013)A report on the "Rite of Spring" Riot Centenary
Comedie du Theatre de Champs-Elysees
May 29,2013(docx)

  • January 2,2012:Background and Review of the Debut Concert of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra,Conductor Ben Zander,November 25th, Symphony Hall, Boston: BPYO Debut Concert (docx), (doc), (pdf)

  • Set Theory and Form
    Formalism and Form in the Arts (Updated December 21, 2007)

  • Associative Harmony
    A treatise on combinatorial techniques in musical composition.

  • Puerto Rico, Music, Tourism and Politics
    Puerto Rico's composers and the Casals Festival of 1982

  • This essay can be read in conjunction with:
    El Pessebre
    Symphonic Variations on the themes of music and politics.

  • Handelian Opera:Orlando and the institution of the castrato singer


  • Milton and Music
    The influence of Baroque music and neo-Platonism on the poetry of John Milton and the poets of the 17th century.

  • JS Bach
    Bach as integrator of the musical language of Europe after two centuries of religious conflict

  • Monaco,1986
    A roving street violinist in the plutocracy of Monaco

  • Sam The Messiah Man
    The classic classical musician's fable!

  • Lincoln Center in July
    A street musician in New York

  • The Marlboro Music Festival
    Marlboro, Vermont Summer 1980

  • Collage:Livre-Objet Pour Joan Tower

  • The Music Lesson (doc version); (pdf version)
    Dinner and conversation with Franz Anton Mesmer, Marie-Therese von Paradis, the Abbé Vogler, the Abbé Stadler, Carl Friberth, Mariana de Martines, and others.
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