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New!! April 12,2014

The First Cartoon Lecture
Discourse on Scientific Method, Part I

Discourse (Power Point)

  1. The Bus Paradox(html)

  2. The Dream of Nicolai Kolmogorough(docx)

  3. The Mismeasurement of Pi (docx)

  4. The Hotel Quagmire(docx)
    How to jump rent using differential equations

  5. Meal Ticket(Novel)

    Chapter 5(pdf) An account of the confirmation of Aleph McNaughton Cantor,at Zelosophic U,as the campus math prodigy

    Chapter 4(pdf) On the disintegration of The Moons of Jupiter
    Aleph's classic paper

  6. Banquet at the Subramanian Chandrasekhar Conference

  7. The 11th General Relativity and Gravitation Conference
    Stockholm, Sweden,1986


  1. Circular Tangrams

  2. Knots and Polygons (docx)
    Knots and Polygons (pdf)

  3. How to count using your fingers (docx)
    How to count(pdf)
    How to count(htm)

  4. Big Bang Moment
    Celebrating the 10 to the minus 14th second of the Big Bang.


50 Original Problems in Mathematics
at the Intermediate College Level

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