Time: Physics and Philosophy

October 7,2015

  1. Irreversible motion in one dimension
    Irreversibility (doc file)
    Irreversibility(pdf file)

  2. On defining a clock (docx)

  3. On spontaneous changes in the speed of light (pdf); (docx); (doc)

  4. Space-time geometry and observations on the "flow" thereof
    Time as a Broken Symmetry

  5. Metrology of time in empirical and conceptual Space-time models
    Non-Metrizable Time

  6. The status of time derivatives in Quantum Theory
    Time derivatives and uncertainty

  7. The paradoxes of Zeno, as seen by Peter Lynds.

  8. Measurement in space and time
    Clocks and Rulers

  9. On the topology of the time manifold
    Time, Euclidean Geometry and Relativity

  10. Giving Mathematical Expression to Philosophical Viewpoints
    On Algebraic Causation

  11. Arguments for the existence of a discrete time quantum
    Time Quantum

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