1. Mathematics and the Modeling of A Priori assumptions


  2. Constituents of Mathematical Models in Physics


  3. On Modeling Causal Singularities


November 19, 2012
Notes and Commentary for a Seminar on
"Mathematical errors in the foundations of
Statistical Mechanics"


  1. On the Algebraic Representation of Causation
    (doc version )
    (pdf version)
    Mathematical Representation Schemes for Philosophical Decisions

  2. Logical and Psychological Question Theory
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    (pdf version)
    Investigations in Erotectic Logic, or the Logic of Questions.
  3. Love & Cosmology
  4. Life and Life Energy
    Identity, Emotion and the Origins of the Unconscious Mind

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  5. A Selection of Science Editorials

    Commentary on an Observation of René Thom

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    ;pdf version
    Do Unicorns Exist?
    A rambling discourse on the existence of unicorns, Kant's synthetic apriori,non-locality and Black Holes.

    Is there Quantum Uncertainty in the Ding-an-Sich?

  6. Review of Ray Monk's 2-volume biography ofBertrand Russell :(1)The Spirit of Solitude; (2)The Ghost of Madness

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