Math and Physics

"Dr. Albert" at the Wesleyan University Graduation Ceremonies

  1. April 28, 2015:
    Effectively Infinite Sets:
    Coping with Infinity in Modern Physics

  2. Notes and Commentary for a Seminar on
    "Mathematical errors
    in the foundations of Statistical Mechanics
    and how to correct them"


  3. April 7,2012

    Observations on the Hubble Expansion of the Universe(pdf)

  4. August, 2011
    On spontaneous changes in the speed of light (pdf)

  5. Many consequences are drawn from this basic thesis:"It is impossible by any means to design an experiment, within the universe described by Special Relativity, that can detect any change in the speed of light".

  6. Irreversible Motion in One Dimension:
    An exercise in teleogeometry

    Irreversibility (doc file)
    Irreversibility(pdf file)

  7. Dynamical Systems and Ordinal Arithmetic:
    The classification of general functions on the real line

    Ordinal Maps (doc)
    Ordinal Maps (pdf)

  8. Dynamics of Iterate sets of real numbers in basis representations (1983)
    n-cimals (pdf)

  9. A Model for a Double-Intersection Projective Geometry
    Geometry (doc)
  10. Postscript, March 21:2010. A few paragraphs have been adjoined at the end, suggesting ways in which this construction could be extended to variants in elliptic and hyperbolic non-Euclidean spaces.

  11. Lecture Notes

    Mathematical Fractures in the Foundations of Statistical Mechanics. Notes for a talk in the mathematics department of the University of Illinois at Chicago, October 2013

    Mathematical Fractures (docx)

  12. Lecture notes from a seminar on
    The Dirac Equation of the Electron
    Dirac Equation (doc)
    Dirac Equation(pdf)

  13. Lecture notes from a seminar on Spinors
    Rotation Groups of Physics

  14. Lecture notes from a seminar on Vector Fields
    Vector Fields

  15. Set Theory, the Zermelo-Fraenkel Axioms, and Form in Science and Art
    (Updated December 21,2007):

  16. Time measurement in empirical and conceptual Space-time models:
    Non-Metrizable Time

  17. Generalizing Set Theory:
    Russell's Paradox and the Isostructure Theorem

  18. Framing Questions in Quantum Physics:
    A.Quantum Question Theory
    B.Time Derivatives and Uncertainty

  19. Descartes/Huyghens from an advanced standpoint:
    A.Two Trains and a Fly
    B.The Restricted Collision Theorem
    C.The General Collision Theorem

  20. On the Inequivalence of Inertial and Gravitational Mass


  21. Mechanics in special manifolds: A on-going series of communications on reference frames in Special Relativity, General Relativity, and All-Over-The-Place Relativity!

  22. New! August 16, 2014
    Absolute versus Relative Motion(docx)

  23. Between Special and General Relativity:
    Rest Observers and Reference Frames
  24. Gravity on the 2-Cone

  25. 3-Cone Gravity, the Hubble field and dark energy

  26. Relative Motion on 2-Manifolds (pdf);(doc); (docx)

  27. On Inertial Paths, Frames and Groups (docx);(doc);(pdf)

  28. Galilean Relativity and the group structure of Inertia (docx) ;(doc);(pdf)

  29. By David Clark, Mathematics, SUNY-New Paltz:
    The Consecutive Integer Game

  30. On random versus systematic Uncertainty:
    Quantum Astronomy and the Big Bang (html);(pdf)

  31. The Paradoxes of Zeno, as seen by:
    Peter Lynds

  32. Knot Theory in the:
    Hydrodynamics of Bus Boarding(html);(pdf)

  33. Logical finitism in physics:
    Barrier Theory(pdf)

  34. Measuring irreversible time in irreversible time, with consequences:
    Topological Paradoxes of Time Measurement

  35. Speculations on Kuhnian relativism:
    On Counter-Intuitive Science(.pdf)
    Table (.pdf)

  36. Heraclitus versus Empedocles revisited:
    Thoughts on Gravitation

  37. Book Review: The Road to Reality
    Roger Penrose, Alfred Knopf.2005

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